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By Dustin P. - July 12, 2010

Santa Monica, CA

What a gem. I was in New Hampshire on business for over a month and the prospect of living in a less than vegetarian-friendly place wasn't exciting, but Food & Fashion of India was my savior.
I cringed as I typed "Vegetarian" near Nashau, but thankfuly Yelp sent me here (and it's only a mile from our production office).

On my first of many visits, I had an amazing lunch secial (2 dishes and white rice with raita) and threw in some samosas and plain lassi. While I wasn't expecting a $12 bill for lunch up here, it was well worth it.
I can't recommend this place highly enough. If you are daring, then you'll ask for your dish served spicy because they actually make it hot unlike many restaurants that think Americans can't handle the heat...
Be aware that all the food is cooked to order, so don't come in expecting fast food. I promise it is worth the wait

The Best‎

By alex - Feb 20, 2010

I love this place the food is some of the best vegetarian indian food i have ever had. The service is great and the clothes are absolutely beautiful. Its also the only palce in New Hampshire were you can get custom fit indian outfits and the owner is nice and extremely helpful. I definitly recommend it.‎

Absolutely wonderful‎

By Ed - Feb 2, 2010

We tried this place for the first time for lunch today, and let me tell you that the food is absolutely spectacular. I strongly agree with other reviewers who've said that this is some of the best food in the country (and trust me, I've looked). This place has a lot going for it: the only place in New Hampshire we've found that serves dosa, great desserts, food cooked to order - all around awesome. Just make sure that you order enough ahead of time - remember that the food is cooked to order (so if you have a big order you need to give her time to prepare it all.)‎