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Ordering Tips

  1. Call Early - It takes time to prepare FRESH food.

  2. Remember to specify how mild or spicy you want your food.

  3. Call in Advance if:    1.) You're ordering Rotis/Chapatis/Parathas in BULK.
                                      2.) You have a BIG order!

    For Example:
    If you need 100 rotis for Friday, don't wait until Friday to tell us.  Call us as soon as you know! (Otherwise, you run the risk of us saying we cannot do it.)

  4. Please be aware that we simply cannot make 25+ rotis in 5 minutes.  We make all of our roti/chapati/paratha orders fresh.  (In other words, we do not pre-make orders like many other restaurants or grocery stores and hence the reason we need time to make food orders.)

Payment Options

  1. We accept - Cash | Master Card | Visa | Discover | Debit
    Minimum charge on credit and debit cards = $10.00

    [We are unable to give cash back. Please keep this in mind.]

  2. We do not accept - Checks

  3. Note: By law, in the State of New Hampshire, we are required to charge a 9% meal tax.

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